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The network of academics built up around Canadian Social Democracy Study provide an invaluable source of analysis for journalists reporting on the federal NDP as well as the NDP at the provincial level.

Find below the area of expertise and contact information for academics studying the NDP.

Name: David McGrane

Position: Professor, Political Studies, St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan

Areas of Expertise: All aspects of the federal NDP, all aspects of the Saskatchewan NDP, social democracy and the Parti Québécois.

Languages Spoken: English and French

Contact Information:, 306-966-8924.

Name: Larry Savage

Position: Professor, Labour Studies, Brock University

Areas of Expertise: Canadian unions and politics, relationship between the NDP and labour unions, the political activity of unions in Quebec

Languages Spoken: English and French

Contact Information:, (905) 688-5550, ext. 5007






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